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You can play the public demo on Steam

You are a volunteer... in a hospital? In single-player or with friends, solve the puzzle of how to heal patients before they run out of health. Plan your turns and tactics 🤜🏾🤛🏻. Try not to give patients the wrong medicine or… throw them out the window. Make levels and mods too! 1-8 players.

It's like if Overcooked was turn-based, but more chilled and more thinky and set in a hospital. You can take your time to plan each move. Or to use a different reference, imagine if Into the Breach was co-op and and more merry.

Anyone Can Join a Game

Your PC screen is shared and your phone is the controller 😮. (Use any 2nd device with a web browser e.g. a phone, tablet or laptop.). Similar to the Jackbox series of games, you join a session by entering a room-code on your phone. That, combined with the purely cooperative gameplay, means any friends/family/partners who don’t normally play video games will be more open to playing with you and you’ll probably have a good time together too!

You can control multiple players/characters from a single phone if you want to play with your kids or if you want to try it out in single-player mode.

Play Online

To play online, screen-share your PC screen while on a video call. Guests join a session by entering the room-code on their web browser/phone. It doesn't really matter if one player has internet lag, the gameplay is designed so that lag doesn’t affect the fun.


Co OPERATION: MultiTurn also allows you to express your creative side. Using the in-game editor you can make your own levels. Or if you really want to get under the hood you can edit the LUA gameplay scripts, add new art and make your own mods..! Share your inventions with us and with the other creative players over on our Discord. Effectively, you can make your own online, turn-based, multiplayer game using our modding tools.


Running hospitals is expensive. A clever bean in central government decided that tearing up requirements for medical qualifications would help. So… volunteers are now welcome in hospitals… throughout the country?! 🤷 You decide to enrol and help your local hospital. Find out what the patients need and form a strategy to help them. The more coordinated your team is, the more people you can heal!


Join the Mind Feast Discord and become part of our growing community. Help to shape the game, share levels and mods, hang out with the team and chat with like-minded people who love co-op games ❤️

We’re making Co OPERATION: MultiTurn in public and showing/releasing updates as soon as we make them. Scary stuff! Everyone who  joins our Discord server helps us make decisions about what to add to the game. We love talking with the community :) For now, we’re doing closed testing on Itch only. You can wishlist Co OPERATION: MultiTurn on Steam as well.

The Team

There’s too much loneliness in the world. We’re a new dev group called Mind Feast Games and we believe that gaming can help people feel connected to each other socially and emotionally. Our co-founders are Shaz and Rupert. Previously Shaz designed and released co-op puzzle-action game BFF or Die and Rupert is an experienced programmer and dad.

Many of our memorable social moments come from playing games with friends and family and we have a particular soft spot for co-op games. With the help of 2D artist and animator Josh, we decided to make Co OPERATION: MultiTurn  our first release. This year we’ve expanded the team with some more lovely people - 3D artist Kaitlin, community manager Julia and programmer Joe. Exciting times..! 🎉

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What's the difference between the Demo and the TEST BUILD downloads?

At the moment they're the same version. We use "TEST BUILD" when we want to check if a new version feels stable enough to upload. Once we test it there, we then upload to "Windows Demo" as this is the default download for most people.


Why do you need my personal details via your emailed mailing list request when we have a perfectly good platform here ?

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We're in a closed-testing period. We don't want to have a public demo that anyone can download - the game is too early for that. Instead, we're creating a small barrier (of having to add your email address to our subscription list) so only people who are really interested in this kind of game will bother to go to the effort. On a practical level, that's also how we ensure that each person gets one download code and we can retrieve it from the list for them when they ask (which does happen). Hopefully, the people who do play it are then also happy to provide feedback so we can improve the game. So far that's working out quite well. We have a really nice community on Discord who give interesting and thoughtful feedback and people also use the in-game feedback forms to tell us useful things and/or send bug reports. All of this is a big help in us trying to make a great game. We will transition to a public game at some point. Unsure when that is yet, but if you don't want to add your email to our list, you can follow the game on Itch or Steam to find out when it's a public download.




does it run on Mac? if so, what minimum macOS version?

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While we're in the pre-alpha stage we're only making Windows builds. That's mainly because we don't have the capacity to address any specific Mac (or Linux) issues. Later down the road we'll def want to have working Mac (and Linux) versions although I don't know when that will be yet.



How can I change the language because the game gave me "no translations errors " 

Hmm, that's strange. At the moment you can't change the language (because we don't have translations yet). Could you send a screenshot?

Possibly I forgot to do something before I made the last build. I'll double-check at my end and if I need to I'll upload a new build and let you know when it's live.

-Cheers, Shaz

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I checked the last build I uploaded and all the text seems to work ok at my end. Can you confirm which version of Windows you are using and also which version of Co OPERATION  you are playing? It should be "pre alpha v0.1.16" which is displayed at the top left of the game screen, like in the example attached.

It do that for all the UI things , the screens under is just an example. I'm french and I i use Win 10. Maybe your game detect Windows language ?



Thanks for the extra info! Ok yes, it seems like French language was auto-detected. For our internal tests, we added a few lines of French translations to check that our systems allowing multiple languages are working, That's why you can see, for example, "En attendant les joueurs..."

That's really useful to know that the game auto-switched language based on your Windows language settings. We didn't know that would happen!

We don't have the capacity to do full translations at the moment, but for the short-term, I could use Google translate to add all the lines of French UI text. That would, at least, allow you to play the game normally. Sound ok to you? If so, I'll do that later today and then upload a new build and let you know when it's ready.


Okay! I uploaded a new build with French translations. For now it's just automatically translated by google. In the future we'll have something more accurate, but for now, this should be enough so you can play normally :) Let me know how it goes..!


Ok thank you ! :D

PLEASE make automatic language selection optional, or at least let us change the language in the options. A lot of people don't like to have their games be set to their system locale.

Agreed,  we changed this a while ago after realising that the temp language example options we had at that time were not ready to be used.  The demo is currently only in English.  We'll hopefully add proper language support further down the road


As a household and family with a love for the Jackbox games I'm excited to see new concepts that allow a group of non-gamers to enjoy a game together. Even more impressed that there is a script/level editor.

That's great to hear :) Yep, I agree it's really nice when you find games that are good to play with both gamers and non-gamers. My partner and I sometimes play with her mum, aunt and cousins and it's a lot of fun when everybody is able to join in properly and enjoy the experience on an equal level. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what our early community does with the script and level editor too! It takes a lot of effort for our two programmers to make those tools but I think it will all be worth it when we start seeing the interesting/fun/crazy/weird creations that people make



Amazing idea! Cant wait.

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That's nice to hear you're looking forward to our little game :) The demo isn't quite ready to play yet, but when it is, everyone in our Discord server will be invited to get a download link so they can play